Home of The World's Smallest Navigable Harbor
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Carved and shaped by powerful natural forces, Depoe Bay is the site of the world’s smallest navigable harbor. Waves run beneath lava beds creating spouting geysers up to 100 feet into the air. Sea caves line our scenic rocky shoreline.

Depoe Bay is teeming with marine life and rich in natural resources. The stunning beauty of Depoe Bay’s rugged rocky coastline, snug harbor and easy access via Highway 101 make it one of the most popular destinations along the Central Oregon Coastline. A huge sea wall runs the length of the downtown area allowing visitors to shop or dine always within view of the ocean. We have the distinction of being the only town on the entire coast with this amenity. Our fairy tale fishing village is brimming with colorful stores, gift shops and galleries featuring maritime collectibles, fine art, apparel and the tastiest candies and salt water taffy available. Watch whales frolic and feed in our bay, explore tide pools and feel the power of the surf. At day’s end, follow the path of the setting sun as it sinks into the Pacific in a blaze of glory.


74th Fleet of Flowers


Volunteers:  https://www.thefleetofflowers.com/support-us

 The Fleet of Flowers is an annual event, happening each Memorial Day since 1945, when it was started to remember two local fishermen – Roy Bower and Jack Chambers – who died while attempting to rescue a troller caught in a storm.

Every year since we have gathered to honor those who have been lost at sea. The event has evolved since its conception to include members of the Armed Forces, fishermen, and firefighters who sacrificed their lives to serve others.

A parade of wreath and flower-bedecked boats passes under the Highway 101 bridge, which is lined with spectators. The vessels head just offshore where they form a circle. As they place their flowers in the water a military helicopter drops a wreath in their midst.

Future Events:

  • May 27 – 74th Fleet of Flowers
  • August 17 – Pirate Treasure Hunt
  • September 21 – Native American Style Salmon Bake
  • October 31 – Witches of Depoe Bay
  • November 1 – Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • December 5 – Community Holiday Pot-luck Dinner


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